Kindergarten Grading Scale

P Progressing Satisfactorily

G Additional Help or Growth Needed



Stages of Reading Development

Pre-Emergent Reader

(Stage 1)

Emergent Reader

(Stage 2)

Early Reader

(Stage 3)

Enjoys book experiences

Uses repetitive text patterns to mimic reading

Reads familiar text word-by-word

Interacts with books

Uses prior knowledge and experiences to make meaning

Uses prior knowledge, clues from text, and experiences to make and predict meaning

Developing phonemic awareness

Attends to features of print such as lines of text, words, and letters

Figures out most simple words using meaning, context clues, or phonics

Developing letter-sound knowledge

Recognizes a few high-frequency words, names, and simple words in context

Recognizes and reads many high-frequency words and simple words in context



Mathematics Profile of Progress

Beginning (B): Your child cannot yet complete the task independently and shows little understanding of the concept or skill.


Developing (D): Your child shows some understanding. However, errors or misunderstandings still occur. Reminders, hints

and suggestions are needed to complete the task.


Secure (S): Your child demonstrates a firm grasp of the concepts/skills and can apply these concepts/skills correctly and independently.