Second Grade Grading Scale

  S+  -  Demonstrates Strength

  S   Satisfactory Progress

  I   – Showing Improvement

  N   Needs to Improve

  U   Unsatisfactory Progress

  NA   Not Applicable to Quarter




This chart indicates the several levels that a child progresses in reading ability, and should be seen as a continuum of development in the child’s growth toward literacy.





Imitating Reading



Interacting with Print



Emerging Reading


Beginning Reading


Supported Reading

The Child expresses self with adults and peers, and enjoys book experiences.

The child begins to understand that words can be written down and begins to interact with books.

The child attempts to track print and begins to understand how it works.

The child can track print accurately.

The child tackles known and predictable texts with growing confidence, but still needs much assistance with new reading situations.

The child is able to read familiar styles of text independently, and with some support the child manages new reading situations successfully.




Mathematics Profile of Progress

               Beginning (B):  Your child cannot yet complete the task independently and shows little understanding of the concept or skill.


                    Developing (D): Your child shows some understanding. However, errors or misunderstandings still occur. Reminders, hints

                                                   and suggestions are needed to complete the task.


                    Secure (S):  Your child demonstrates a firm grasp of the concepts/skills and can apply these concepts/skills correctly and independently.